FileKiller is a tiny, portable utility which can securely delete files

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I’ve previously covered Eraser for deleting files securely. Eraser stayed installed on my system for a while, and I must say that, eventually, I found it annoying. It autostarted on boot and despite my attempts to keep it from doing so, it persisted.

Just the other day, I finally uninstalled Eraser — and today, I found FileKiller. It’s a tiny (27KB), open source, portable GUI utility for doing the same thing.

FileKiller is a single window. It doesn’t support drag-and-drop and won’t add any context menu entries, but it gets the job done. You add files using the Select Files button, and then you click the red-captioned KILL Files on Grid button (way to go on the drama there). The application then BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERS all of those files by overwriting them with random data, blank characters, or specific ASCII characters for however many times you wish (default is five iterations).

I wish I could drag files onto the list or the program’s icon (to add them to the list), but besides this minor irritation, FileKiller seems like a low friction way to securely remove unwanted files.

FileKiller is a tiny, portable utility which can securely delete files originally appeared on Download Squad on Fri, 03 Sep 2010 10:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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